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Change isn't Pretty

"What's from the heart, reaches the heart, friends."

Friends, I am confident I don't have the right words for all that we are experiencing. What I do know is what I have experienced.

As someone who has been pursuing personal growth and change, these past few years, I will say it is a dark, twisty, messy, and very ugly process. It looks a lot like kicking, screaming, and sobbing. I would assume the same is true for a country that is being stretched passed its comfort zone.

I have been contending with the trending 2020 phrase that I have heard from so many, "I just want to go back to normal!"

THERE IS NO NORMAL ANYMORE! Covid 19 is a catalist that has exposed too many wounds to turn back now. The new normal isn't even real or tangible anytime soon. This is a river of rapid change that we are trying to navigate together, with life still screaming around us.

Change takes time, change takes an abundance of GRACE and PATIENCE, for both yourself and those around you. Change takes a hard look in the mirror and awareness. Change takes letting go of denial and blame. Change takes ownership, responsibility, and a whole lot of self control.

This isn't going to be a comfortable year... it may not even be a comfortable decade if we don't start putting in the work now.

🖤 I felt like sharing my heart after reading this post on Facebook by Teaira Carlton.

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