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A busy 2017 eclipse...

Yes the eclipse happened today, just incase you missed it...

I almost didn't have this opportunity to see the eclipse with my kiddos but since I am a work at home mom my schedule opened up! 

Now that the excitement of the day has worn down I decided to share what many days are like for me during the school year.

Up at 6am Get ready Help kids remember their routine Brew coffee Drive Garrett to work. Drive Kids to school Drive home Prep packages for mailing Drive to house listing Drive to kids school for eclipse, while I talked with my parents about the eclipse Drive home Upload photos to PC Drive to Garrett's work Drive to rental car location Drive home Work on photos Drive to kids school Wait in pick up line 🙃 while I finally got to talk with my Bestest Lisa Drive home Help with homework Help Levi get food in his belly Garrett and Levi off to wrestling at 6pm... ... and there is still... Dinner to get done Xoe to engage with Photos to finish Dogs who have been in a kennel most of the day Goats to love on A house and my business that will probably be ignored because I need a break... It is hard to hang out with friends because: 1. See list above... or... 2. If my day isn't this busy I choose to put my feet up and rest alone in the quiet... or... 3. My house looks like everyone dropped off all their donation items and I am sorting them out... or... 4. I am cleaning... or... 5. I am in a ball in the corner rocking back and forth... because... This is just a season... or at least I hope it is because if it isn't... I may need a big vacation with a lot of substances for relaxation! Single and Dual working outside of the home parents... you are my true heroes! I honestly don't know how you do it! Anyone living near grandparents or family (and this goes for the family and grandparents too)... I envy you... don't take it for granted. It is a huge gift to live near family!!! 

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