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I am so freaking tempted to get real with my kids... to let truths burst free, about Santa Clause and his magic.

Let me help you with some context... Xoe asked me, a few days ago, if I was the one who put out the presents, pretending to be Santa? :( I was heartbroken. I knew this day was approaching faster than I wanted. I knew and feared not having the right words to help her worried spirit... so I asked her the only question I could think of. "Whaaat??" In the worst Tim the Tool Man deflecting tone of voice.

I distinctly remember how hard I was concentrating on the traffic... during our 25 min drive home... of course she dropped this bomb on me when I am performing the most lethal daily task I perform. {Yep look it up... driving kills} She repeated her super fragile question... and I immediately was silly, "like gosh I hope not because that would have meant I would have had to fly around the whole earth... ... I would be so tired..." ... smh awful...

I am fired... 

" Why would you think I am Santa?" As I shove my excited yet freaked out feelings deep down. 

"{Chatty Cathy} told me that... She said she wants to see our picture where we caught Santa in our house... can we find that?" She still sounded worried.

"I still have it somewhere! I will find it." Phew!!! That Photoshopped Santa is paying me back with a free time out! 

"Hey?!!! What are your top five gifts you would like for Christmas?" I was so hoping she takes the bait, because I was definitly hoping to serve these truths with desert, making this feel more comfortable and exciting. Not a stressful grieve fest. She took the bait and never looked back. #fastthinking

But maybe this is my window! What if... my friends, with older kids are right, and the other side of the rainbow-y magic is filled with happy children. Happy Children, who are even more freakishly in love with Christmas than they were before... ...all because of the following 5 sugarplums: 1... how freaking tired are you mom... dad... gramma?

What if you had one less thing on your plate? Hmmm lets think about this one for a hot second... Santa Clause is a heavy role to fill. It would give me more time. We could let the kids move those elves and surprise us this year! Too much fun right there! 2... Kid worries that could cause a responsible young man with a conscious... Levi has started to worry about money spent on birthdays and other grown up stresses that helps me feel like I am raising him correctly... yet makes me sad. Even though it is bittersweet, maybe the truth that mom, dad, and their INCREDIBLE grandparents, have helped make Christmas magical! 10 years running! 3... What magic have I missed out On? Seriously... listen... what if there were millions of opportunities to see my children make natural responsible choices on their own. Seeing them be free to use Santa's Magic on so many others! 

Hello... this side IS more fun... what if we had unlimited hours to do all the fun things on our Christmas Pinterest Boards!!! #allthewarmfeelings Allowing them in on the magic would help you plan and priorities what they would enjoy more? What wouldn't they love about having a voice in creating new traditions!? 4... no more worrying... I obviously worry too much... 🚫 worrying about Money 🚫 worrying about the perfect Santa Gifts 🚫 worrying about stealing their magic How much time could I save if I stopped worrying? Probably all of it... #allthetime #allofit 5... Experiencing your Harvest... What if this is the perfect opportunity to witness your children share the spirit of Christmas with millions of others!? What if this was the Christmas you witnessed your hard work in raising cool humans, who sprinkle joy all around their world... ...the way you have been doing for them!? What if you really are a fabulous parent and they actually learned something awesome from you? {😉Way to go friend... #reapthatharvest} What if we were honest before they found out? What if you don't have to have fears that they may tell every kid they know... simply out of spite that you swiped the magic? Tell me this dream is real and that the risk of missing the magic in our current reality, will be far less than the JOY we will feel from experiancing the spirit of Christmas as a team... On the same side!

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I have a Family/Senior session coming up on Monday. I figured it would be smart to practice a little while sharing something that makes me feel vulnerable and gives me a bit of anxiety. My home... raw and unedited... beautiful, yet untidy. I wanted to share the parts that make me happy even though what I am really doing is procrastinating on doing chores, falling behind on everything, and not wanting to shower. It doesn't always have to be perfect. Although I consider this mild, It might be overly lived in. It usually looks worse, and it has been known to give me full on anxiety attacks... ... but it has a lot of joy along with the mess. Click on a photo to see more about it.

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What?! You clean your face with oil? Don't you feel greasy? How can oil clean? I know it sounds bonkers. Yes I clean my face with oil. No I don't feel greasy. Oil helps dissolve other oils. Soap alone doesn't clean out the old oil. Soap is also drying, for acne prone skin soap can over cleanse, leaving your skin to think it needs to produce more oil. I first found the oil cleansing method on Pinterest. I wish I could find the pin, but it is lost in over 1000 pins in my boards. So instead, I'm going to share with you how I use the OCM. PLEASE... PLEASE... PLEASE...

Do your own research on how to safely use essential oils. I am personally not sensitive to any oils I have tried. I test new oils, diluted with a carrier oil, before I ever try them straight. Everyone is different and should always practice safe oil usage 😉 📽📺 I made a fun video for those who don't like to read... keep scrolling 👍😉📽📺 I try to oil clean almost every night. I do not do this entire method every single night... but for sharing purposes I wanted to show you all your options. Anyone else love knowing the whole story and having options? So what do you need???

Gather the following: A wash cloth Oil

I use coconut oil, but you can use many other natural carrier oils like almond, hemp, or even olive oil! That is basically all you need but if you would like to give your skin an extra boost you can try:

Frankincense essential oil

Great for Mature skin that needs cell growth stimulation. AKA Wrinkle prevention and care. I prefer to use this oil... (I'm over 30 with maturing skin that is acne prone)

Lavender essential oil A gentle choice for dry skin

Melaleuca essential oil Where tea tree oil comes from!

Has a cleansing and rejuvenating effect on the skin. I use this as a spot treatment when traditional spot treatments

become too drying.

Lemon essential oil Helps reduce acne

nourishes damaged skin

and hydrates skin

Carrot seed essential oil One of my favorite oils! I use it in home made sunscreen, as well as when my face has a really tough break out. Read more about this magical oil here!

How to? Take coconut oil and add about a teaspoon sized amount to your hand. Then add a couple drops of any of the essential oils above, it is completely optional. Rub this all over your face and neck. This works as a great mascara remover too! Take your wash cloth and run it under steaming hot water and ring it out a bit so it isn't dripping. Open it up and allow it to cool to a comfortable steamy touch and lay it on your face. Allow the wash cloth to stay on your face until it cools, then use that same cloth to wipe down your face and neck. Check out this video for a detailed look at how I do this! Warning: I am a super dork! Don't judge me!

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